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Thanks so much for this site; my grandfather flew with VMB-611 as a photographer/gunner (his name was Bob Waters, he passed in 1987).
It's nice to learn about some of his experiences, and to think of him.
I would be interested in contacting Mr. Lawrence Arthur Barrett, who posted on the first page of this guestbook; he said he was also a photographer, and I wonder if he knew my grandfather.

God Bless.

Added: February 16, 2010
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Just a note.

Dave Hunt's comments on the plane shown "In Harms Way", I noticed the same thing, my brother pointed it out to me. That is a Marine B25. I am glad he got to see it. I enjoy this web site so much. I especially like the music. If this goes thru I will have more of a responce later. I see where there is a lot of participation, there are a few entries I would like to respond to; also I still have a few items that the Web-MAster may want to add, I will try to get those forwarded soon.

Great job, a real treasure. I remember when I was a kid, my mother communicated with many of the other officers wives (for the rest of their lives), I still have some of the long historic line of Christmas cards and letters.

I remember observing the early struggles of many who labored tirelessly to get the first reunion to become a reality. This site is a fantastic tribute. Thanks a plenty.

Carl Samuels

Added: January 3, 2010
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Greetings to all. I stumbled on your website while helping my son with his history homework, and this brought back some very dear memories. Major Richard E. Maulsby, one of VMB-611's pilots, was my stepfather. He died in March 2004 in Alpine, Texas, as some here may know, since he remained in touch with some squadron members and had attended at least one squadron reunion that I know of - although I don't remember which year he went. In any event, Dick and I didn't really talk much about his experiences in the war, and I suppose that I am asking now, in a way. I looked through your site, but only found one photo of him and no other mentions of him anywhere. I would appreciate any personal recollections or memories that any surviving members may have, or any stories involving him that anyone may recall. For anyone who does remember him, he was very proud not only of his service in the squadron but also of the fact that my sister was inspired to enlist in the Marine Corps, where she served with distinction from 1980 to 2002. Semper Fi to all.

Added: November 16, 2009
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Today I learned, from Florida resident Bob Berganís VMB-611 Marine Bombing Squadron Newsletter, of the recent passing of pilot First Lieutenant David Hoadley. Lt Hoadley was my fatherís wingman, and probably the last to see him alive, on that fateful afternoon of May 30, 1945 when Dad and his crew went MIA.

I met Lt Hoadley at the 2005 reunion and had hoped to have a conversation with him about that mission but was unsuccessful. Semper Fi to another VMB-611 Marine that we have lost.

David L Fish
Son of Capt Doit L Fish

Added: November 14, 2009
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My dad was MtSgt. Lonnie Grady Lamon. Although I knew he served in the Pacific, I did not know much more than that until I started some research from his log book, and came on this site. Thanks to the work done here, I know so much more about his time in the Marines. Turns out that on the mission where Lieutenant Colonel Sarles was lost, that my dad was on one of the two planes in the first wave. I believe the pilot was Horton.

I have some photos obviously from the time the unit was in the Pacific. I will dig them out and send them in.

David Lamon

Added: November 13, 2009
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Thank you for the nice website. I recently found out during genealogy research that my husband's father (John "Jack" P. Foster)was in the Marines and was shot down during the war. There is an article titled "Impossible Escape..." by S/Sgt David C. Stephenson, USMC that describes what happened and how they survived. It also included a photo of 4 of the crew members. It would be a great addition to your site. Just wondering if there is an more information anyone could share with me about John "Jack" Foster. Thank you.

Added: September 20, 2009
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My dad was John Hilmer. He was an ordnance man-loading bombs,rockets and guns. I have some pictures and ship newspapers I would like to contribute. It is a wonderful site. Keep up the good work.

Added: July 8, 2009
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My father was part of the VMB-611 Sgt Elwyn W. Kerber. Unfourtunatly this wonderful man passed away on June 24th 2009. He is now at the Western Reserve National Cemetary in Ohio, with so many others. It's such an honor for him to be with everyone else. In turn, my son was on a delayed entry for the Marines and swore in the day of my fathers funeral. What a wonderful last hurrah for my dad, the circle will continue. And now my son is at boot camp at Parris Island.

Added: June 30, 2009
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Your site is great a lot of information, but I have question. My Father William E. Zane has a Air Medal and Citation which reads in part: "For meritorious achievement in aerial flight as Pilot of a Bomber Plane in Marine Bomber Squadron 611 during operations against enemy Japanese forces in the vicinity of the Philippine Islands, from 11 June to 28 July 1945. Completing his fifth mission during this period, Lieutenant Zane inflicted extensive damage on enemy installations and contributed to the success of his squadron." My question, is this the same bomber squadron? and if it is do you have any information on this battle.

Thank you,
Robin Gray

Added: June 7, 2009
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I am the grandson of Thomas L Hamby, SR. My grandfather always called me Magoo. When I was first born I was bald and wrinkled. He looked at me and said, "he looks just like old man Mister Magoo!" That nickname has stuck with me for 43 years so far.

I am truly grateful for this website. I miss my grandfather and visiting this website has really meant alot to me.

I want to share a short story.

One afternoon (well before digital television and dvds) my grandfather and I were watching the movie "In Harm's Way" on television.

There is a scene about 2 hours into the movie where Kirk Douglas takes off in a PBJ. My grandfather looked at me and said, "Well, I'll be damned! That's my plane!"

I love my grandfather and have always known him to be an honest man...but this seemed a little hard to believe. The #8 was visible on the B25 but nothing else.

Years later - my grandfather had since passed away - "In Harm's Way" was on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). My wife Lori and I decided to watch it. I mentioned to Lori how my grandfather had claimed that the PBJ we see Kirk Douglas fly was the same plane he had flown in World War II. We both chuckled and continued watching the movie.

At precisely 2 hours and 10 minutes into the movie both of our jaws dropped to the floor!

VMB 611 was now easily visible on the #8 PBJ.

Seeing the VMB 611 on both sides of the tail section in that scene sent chills up and down my spine. My grandfather was right!

Thank you for listening to my short story.

Semper Fi!

David Hunt (Magoo)

Added: June 1, 2009
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